The Energize/Soltaro Multi Cycle Advantage

How much attention have you paid to battery cycles when looking at solar energy storage?

This will become one of the most talked about and important features of solar energy storage batteries moving forward!

So why are battery cycles important?

OK, let’s crunch some numbers!

Energize currently have a battery available with a life of 10,000 cycles @90% DOD and a 10 year warranty!

We know that there are 365 days in a year and the warranty is for 10 years, so divide the 10,000 cycles by 365 and you get 27.4 and again by 10 gives you 2.74 warranted cycles. So why is this important?

Note: Most batteries currently on the market range from 4,000 to 6,500 cycles and generally offer a 10 year warranty. An interesting point here, is that some of these warranties are written in such a way that they allow less than one complete cycle per day!

OK, back to the good stuff, the 2.74 is very important, as it means that you can cycle our battery 2.7 times each day, the warranty allows for this and the manufacturer encourages it!

So why would I want to cycle my battery more than once a day?

Think about this in terms of ROI (return on investment), one cycle per day compared to 2.7 cycles per day means that all of a sudden a 2kWh battery is now the equivalent of a 5.4kWh battery! (4.86kWh @ 90% DOD (Depth Of Discharge) 

Say for instance you pay $2000.00 for your 2kWh battery, this equates to $1000.00 per kWh!

Now look at your $2000.00 purchase being the equivalent to a 4.86kWh battery, this now equates to only $411.00 per kWh.

All it takes to realize the full potential of this incredible new battery technology, is to change your energy usage habits slightly to ensure you capitalise on the benefits.

Simply put, throughout the day you can set timers on your high energy consumption appliances (Hot water heater, Dish washer, Washing machine, pool pump etc.) and use the energy from your battery multiple times whilst it charges and discharges through its multiple cycles.


This is a completely new approach to energy storage and has only been made possible due to the development of new cell technology, the use of only premium components and a controlled state of the art manufacturing process!


The product is then backed by a warranty that allows you to realise the full potential of your energy storage system!

Stop looking, you have found your new battery!


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