Solar Tracker Advantage

  • The solar tracker uses high-precision astronomical algorithm to calculate the sun's angle, combined with a high-performance microcontroller (DSP core), to make the system calculate the position accurately and reliably and to adapt to a wide range of operating environments without the interference of rainy days.
  • Selection of international first-line brand inclination sensor, real-time closed-loop feedback tracking angle, automatic tracking, without human intervention.
  • Self-developed back tracking algorithm to further improve the efficiency of power generation to ensure that the solar panels has always been working in the shadowless state, increase the solar power generation and prolong its service life.
  • Tracker with aviation plug, easy installation and commissioning, with manual control mode, you can manually adjust the tracking angle, the controller has a power station running, stop and night return status indicator.
  • Strong anti-interference ability of the system, severe electromagnetic interference in the photovoltaic area to ease, its excellent electromagnetic compatibility design, to ensure the system's high reliability operation.
  • Wind-resistant design, automatically returns to the flat position at night, the system has a wind speed protection interface, support for external wind speed sensor, at any time to control the system into the mechanical maximum wind conditions.
  • The system has a spare battery, to ensure that no data loss of the system power failure, automatically enter the running state after powering on.
  • System in -40 ~ +70 degrees stable operation, no cumulative error
  • RS485-MODBUS standard communication interface, the computer software can read the device at any time the following information:
  • Sun angle, inclination angle, operating status.
  • Actuator, inclination, limit, communications fault alarm.
  • Remote start, stop, reset, manual, wind, snow, rain.

Solar Tracking Systems - Dual Axis

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